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Movie Review: Glee 3D August 26, 2011

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Netflix Synopsis: The “Glee” kids take the stage for a sold-out concert tour across America, performing a set list of their most infectious and best-loved hit tunes. But the film also includes behind-the-scenes footage that even the live concertgoers missed!
When the Glee concert series was announced for our town, we looked at the seating and pricing and just could not justify the $100+ for each ticket in good seating areas. I didn’t really think much about it after that. Then when the promos starting coming out about this movie, I was intrigued. We watch the show weekly and I like both the storyline and most of the singing. Hearing that it was just like the concert, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it.

But we went with our two little boys and my sister. It was pouring down raining outside, so there was nothing to lose. When we got into the theater, there was only one other family/group there. I have to say, they picked all the best songs from the last couple of seasons. I was not disappointed with any of them. And as much as I enjoyed the performances, the storylines where they interviewed concertgoers were even more moving and inspiring. I hope they helped teach our boys about understanding differences and accepting others. There is no room in our global world for intolerance at any level.

The power went out about halfway through and we had to wait a while for the staff to get the digital projector back online. By the time the show was back on the other group had left and we were along in the theater. And the boys, who had been squirming in their seats during the first half of the movie were ready to leave too. But with an empty theater, we gave them the green light to get up and dance. Just like at home, it was fun to watch them shake their groove thing and have fun.

If you enjoy the show for the songs, I highly recommend the concert movie.



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