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@jalenrose – The Hoops Podcast to listen to June 4, 2012

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I have been meaning to post this entry for some time. A few months ago I saw a bunch of Twitter posts about how great the Grantland Network podcast with Jalen Rose was. Given that I rarely make time to watch a regular season game, I thought it would be good to get a crash course before the playoffs started. I subscribed to the Grantland series in iTunes and with it came a TV series recap called Hollywood Perspectives, a futbol discussion called Men in Blazers, and The Jalen Rose show where he has a one-on-one with David Jacoby about NBA basketball and some other current events.

Even without watching much of the shortened seson, it was not hard to follow the teams, players and goings on of the league. Rose has a great knack for making clear points for the novice weekend warrior and putting it in the basketball language we all understand. It is exchanges like the one I have edited down here make it fun to listen to. He follows up clear and concise analysis with a completely ridiculous and yet nearly sensical statement. Get to 40 seconds in and tell me what you think…

Having been in school at the same time as the Fab Five (’91 to ’95) and being a Michigan fan even prior to that (the 1987 Football National Championship drew me in), I have enjoyed following Jalen’s career. He had a very good athletic career, but I think his broadcasting career is set to be even bigger. I also think it is cool that my wife actually had a couple of classes with Jalen, Chris, Juwan (and possibly Ray and Jimmy, I am not sure).

And while I have mixed feeling about the role charter schools are playing in our educational system, I really appreciate the heartfelt efforts Jalen is making to improve the opportunities for youth in the Detroit area. I wish there was a way for these types of efforts to make differences in the public school system, but I understand the bureaucratic nature of the beast and this is the more straight-forward way for him to contribute and change lives. Jalen, your family should be impressed and proud of the man you have become!



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