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Welcome to Android April 26, 2013

Posted by shwaldman in Technology.
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In December, I finally took the leap. Actually, two giant steps. Step 1 was from basic feature phone with no internet and a 3rd Gen Apple iPod to a SmartPhone. It was a big step because I could not justify the extra $40 a month. I am still not sure I can justify it but I have to say it is nice always having access to, well, everything. So, Step 2, not an easy decision. I have a Mac Book Pro and have deeply embedded in iTunes with apps and constant podcast listening for the last four or five years.

Step 2 – iPhone 5 or one of the multitude of Android phone options? With all the apps I had used and had data with and a major addiction to my iTunes podcast subscriptions, it would have been an easy decision to go with the latest Apple phone. But, I guess I am not settling for the easy route lately. (I moved to OS X in 2009 because I wanted to experience a different OS than what I will always deal with at work.)

So, then which Device/Manufacturer? HTC, Google, Motorola, Samsung, LG? They all make great phones and in terms of hardware, they are typically outmatching Apple at every turn. How to decide? To me, since I consume so much content on my device, it was an easy decision. I went with the biggest screen of any phone on the market, the Galaxy Note II, which was released just after Thanksgiving 2012. I got the big screen and the built in stylus which, turns out is a good gimmick that I used a lot for the first couple of months, but haven’t used too much recently.

I did I make the right decision? Absolutely. I am so glad, I went with Android and the Note II. Do I think I need the $40 data plan still? I am still not sure about this. I have managed to use an average of less than half of my 2 GB data plan each month. I do love having Internet wherever I am, but after being always on at work, I don’t need to be always on outside the office and house too.

Next Up: My first four months with Android…



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