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Best dinner ever June 22, 2013

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While in a Chicago suburb for training this past week, I had one night where I had a big choice for dinner. I was staying in Lombard, Illinois and right by my hotel there was all kinds of restaurant options. Right next door there was a Chick Filet, around the corner there was PF Chang’s Bistro. I also saw a McCormick and Schmidt’s.
I didn’t want to spend a lot and I was debating how long I wanted to be out since Game 7 of the NBA Finals was starting at 8pm. I also thought I should have something that I can’t find at home. So I opened up the Yelp app on my phone and search for restaurants nearby. I came back with about 10 within a 1/2 mile that had 4 or more stars.
Unfortunately I didn’t feel like I had a clear winner. It came down to two options, Trademark or Kona Grill. Both seems to be good for service and food quality. So I decided try the place where I thought I would get the best healthy fish dish, Kona Grill.
I walked in and there was a bar area that was toward the front. It was pretty full, but was a Thursday night so I wasn’t too surprised. I actually asked the hostess if there was any wait for a table for one. In the dinning area it was less than half full. I was seated in a booth in the middle of the main area.
My server came over, Jenna, and was very welcoming. She asked what I wanted to drink and if I had been there before. Having not, she offered to go through the menu with me and provide suggestions. When I told her I was interested in a fish entree she told me about the Sea Bass, Halibut on special and salmon. And when she explained the different sides that came with each dish she said I could mix and match what was on each.
So that made it a little easier since I didn’t want the shrimp/pork rice and seasonal vegetable that was listed with the Sweet Chili glazed salmon.

So what you see below is the Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon with a ratatouille and caramelized bananas. Ummm… yummmmm


then it was time to decide on the dessert. I asked Jenna for her option. She showed me the six options and quickly listed why all six of them were all good choices. I narrowed it down to the Key Lime Pie, fudge brownie or the Creme Brule. Sticking with the glazed theme, you can see my choice below.




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