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List of Lists

It is now 2011 and this list needs to be updated. However, I first need to figure out my plan. I need to prioritize and figure out all things I want to accomplish in the coming year(s). Here is a starting point:
Complete an outdoor triathlon
Complete PMP certification
Complete my backlog of 6-7 books (audio and paperback)
Complete the rock wall in the front yard.
Continue my progress in lowering my Milford Memories 5K time
Started February 25th, 2009 – this is a new PLAN. I am replacing the list – or enhancing it – to provide more specifics so that I can actually accomplish the goals I am hoping to achieve.

Dates Event
Feb 28th Kim’s B-Day!!!
By March 1st Complete spakling
By March 31st Paint and put up laundry shelf
April 4th 2009 @ 9am $29 due 4/4/09
Martian 5K
Goal: Sub 25 min
May 30 – June 5 Florida!
June 16th 18-week training plan begins
August 9th 2009 @ 8am? Milford Memories 5K
Goal: Sub 24 min
October 18th 2009 ?Detroit Free Press Marathon?
registration opens 3/16/09
February 1 2010 Someplace warm

Started on September 16th, 2008, this is my list of lists. Projects, Exercise, and other things I should be doing instead of watching TV. Maybe just knowing the Internet community can see what I should be doing will keep me motivated.

Home Projects:
Laundry Room shelf
Repair Nail Pops
Cut back shrubs
Burn dead trees
Go for a Run
Ride a bike
Do a Yoga Routine
Lift weights
Read “Raising Boys”
Read CIO Magazine


1. Kim - October 12, 2008

Scott – I am reading your blog. Very insightful…

2. Loss of Focus « Shwaldman’s Weblog - February 25, 2009

[…] List of Lists […]

3. Stephanie Smith - April 13, 2009

Scott – what is the training program for?

shwaldman - April 14, 2009

If I were to decide to run the marathon in October, I would have to start the training program then. I am not sur eit is going to happen this year, though!

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