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Holiday Break Movie Reviews January 7, 2011

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Our holiday season is wrapping up and as is my annual tradition now, I have a bunch of movies to review now. The holidays were fast and furious. The boys were super wound-up. We got lots of family time and even some quality time outside sledding, but ultimately, we needed some down time.

The boys went to school more days than we had originally planned, but that meant we got some extra time to relax and get in some movies. We went to the theater twice and watch a bunch more Netflix… catching up on discs that had been sitting on the shelf for a month. I also watched some stuff in my Instant Queue and a bunch of stuff on Hulu.com. And yet as I get back into the flow of work again, my podcasts and other online content is piling up again. I love the Internet and yet I hate it!

So here goes…. my holiday movie reviews, plus a couple that I watched before and am only getting to now to review. Please comment, especially if you have seen these movies.


New Private Blog December 19, 2009

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This week I started a new blog. It is private – an online journal of sorts. But as you can see the direction of this blog has turned more into a review site. I am certainly enjoying that because it is something I look for in the web. I am also searching for other people’s thoughts on video games, products or movies. And I am trying to get the most of my Netflix memberships, so I am sure there will be lots to write on based on that alone. But I hope to include Wii games, electronic gadgets, books, magazines, podcasts and other things more and more.

I will still include personal things here, but I will use the new blog for truly personal thoughts. I look forward to having a new place to empty my thoughts and clear my mind. It will be private because I know not every thought should be open to the public. And yet I will keep this site going to keep my conversation going with the outside world open too. If I write it, I hope they come….

Movie Review: Julie & Julia December 19, 2009

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Netflix Synopsis: Amy Adams stars in this truth-inspired tale as Julie Powell, a disenchanted government secretary who decides to enliven her uneventful life by cooking all 524 recipes outlined in Julia Child’s culinary classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Based on Powell’s book Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, director Nora Ephron’s heartwarming dramedy also stars Meryl Streep as legendary chef Child.

I am not much of a foodie and really knew very little about Julia Child before watching this movie. Although after she passed, I did hear that she was actually a CIA agent. But what probably will not come as much of a surprise is that I got a bigger kick out of the other side of this story – the story of Julie and her blogging. It was fun to watch this girl transfer from what seemed like an underachiever to accomplished blogger – for whatever that is worth. Knowing about Child’s secret past made it difficult to get past the historical accuracy of her side of the story. However, given Julie Smith’s story was based in 2002, two years before Child’s death, it makes sense that Smith’s understanding of Child’s history is limited.

The movie itself was a little slow. It was interesting and fun to watch both the parallel lives. But like I said, it was difficult to believe, because of new information about Child’s life. Funny cameo for fans of the new show Glee – you have to watch – I’m not telling!

Always looking for more… September 15, 2008

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Is it living in America or just me or what… but are we always looking for something else? I just spent 30 minutes updating our Netflix queue. We have over 60 movies in the list and yet I continue to look at more of the movies coming out or already out.

When I go outside to work on our yard… and there is a lot of work to be done… I always see something else to be done. When I go to work, I continually see more things to be done. And I am always able to find something else to do. The lists always get longer… and here I am writting on a blog that no one else is reading, watching TV that adds no real value to me. What is the point? What am I avoiding….?

I could be improving myself by working out or by reading. But I am not… why?