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Ambidextrous Wii Play Sports February 17, 2009

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For Christmas and my birthday, my lovely wife gave me a Wii game system. I enjoy certain video games on a recreational level. I like the sports and car racing and physicality games. I am not a big fan of maze-type and shoot ’em games. So, this system has been fun or me. I play Tennis, Bowling, Wii Fit, some Baseball.
One thing I realized right away was that I was going to want to experience the games with both my right and left hands. I even set up a second “Mii” for the Left-Handed me. And so each time, I play, I try to play both right-handed and left handed. When I realized my left-handed bowling was actually better than my right, I decided I wanted to see if I can get to the “Pro” level on each game with each hand.
So far, I have reach Pro in Tennis, both hands. And I am in the mid-900s for both hands in Bowling. I am really struggling in Baseball lately. I haven’t won a right-handed game in a while (a few ties). My left-handed level in Baseball is around 300 (100 right handed). I don’t think I have tried Boxing Left Handed yet – not sure what the difference would be – but I am in the 600s on Boxing Right-Handed.