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Recession and the Cell Phone Industry February 27, 2009

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I was reading this article in CIO magazine this morning and an less than obvious question popped into my mind. The article reviews a Texas university that has started a program that puts a Apple iPhone or Touch in all it student’s hands to access university resources. Part of the implementation includes a policy that students can upgrade their device after two years.

Now, I am of the believe that a large part of this recession is due to the fact that people are finally becoming aware of how wasteful we have been. Whether it was “keeping up with the Joneses,” keeping up with new technology (Moore’s Law), the economic push to use “cheap credit” or whatever reason, in America people have come to just buy and buy. People had no problem running up huge credit debts, purchasing things they most likely did not need. All this wasted purchasing produced lots of physical (and especially electronic) trash. With this recession, this consumerism has given way to a more conservative approach. Not sure if their jobs are going to be there in weeks or months, we are only buying what we need.

We are in a tremendous recession that is changing the way many people have view basic purchases. And in this information age, we are starting to take cell phones for granted… how many people do you know (over the age of 10) that don’t have a cell phone? (Yes, there are several phones on the market for school age children even.)

Cell phones appear to have become a need, rather than a want. So, it would seem that cell phones have become near “recession-proof.” And given the common two-year contract period with most cell phone providers, people generally get a new one every two years. To me, and I am certainly included in the list of people who do this, it would seem that this is a huge waste of environmental resources.

I wonder how this will play out over time. Will we stop wasting energy upgrading, will we do a better job of recycling old equipment, will contract policies change, will the environmental damage we are doing affect the Moore’s Law of progress? I can’t wait to see.


Why I enjoy living in Michigan October 11, 2008

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So, remember when I said it would be too muh of stretch for me to join the local group for a 34-mile ride…

well, 39.6 miles and 4 1/2 hours later (3 hours and 50 minutes of riding) … It was a beautiful day here. Blue sky, barely a cloud… I saw 5 deer, a few chipmunks, countless lakes, endless trees… I see deer in our yard just about everyday, but it never gets old. And I hope it never does. This is the best of Michigan… even if U of M lost to TOLEDO (what?), it was still an amazing day!

I cramped up at mile 35. Even after training for and running two marathons, that is the first time I have ever gone through that. I could barely straighten my legs. I was fortunate to stop in front of a lovely older couple’s house (actually their house was from the 1860s and owned by the same family). Her daughter runs ultra marathons, so she knew what I was going through. She offered me water and an opportunity to rest. I took 10-15 minutes to stretch and get some more water in me (after finishing my granola bars). It was all I needed to get those last 5 miles.

Being sick September 13, 2008

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After 35 years of experience, I have come to understand my own body and when I am not feeling 100%. How can you tell when your children are not well. Alec’s eyes are hurting and he is blinking frequently. Ian had a running nose and a nasty cough this week. On Friday I took them to the doctor and Ian has an ear infection and Alec seems to have nervous tick (or just very irriated eyes).

Treating Ian at 3 months with antibotics is concerning. I hate he is already on medicine… just like Alec was. If nothing else, I want them to be strong kids, but I am fearful that these medicine will weaken there immune system in the long run. There are so many bad things in the environment these days, how do you protect you kids? They are developing so fast and there bodies are vulernable that I feel like we need to watch everything that they encounter.

And now Alec has another running nose… it ALWAYS leads to another infection! We just can’t keep him healthy! What is going on?!!? We had a great, healthy summer, but now… not so much.