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Another Run with @JillianMichaels April 21, 2010

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After my run last week, I decided to back off on the running for a few days. My back did not feel great and clicking in the low back seemed to be progressing. I definitely notice it more while laying in bed. So, I have been focusing on core exercises and some light upper body work. Since I feel very weak in these areas and can not get many reps done, this is not a bad idea no matter what.

So today’s run was back to the normal path in the park. I am consistently running this route in about 38 minutes. Hopefully by the end of the summer, I will have magically lowered this time into the 35-36 time range. I am not exactly sure how I am going to pull that off, but we’ll see. Maybe the extra core and upper body strength will give me some advantages.

The second half of today’s run got a little hairy. It was only about 65 degrees, but my sweat combined with itchy allergy eyes and runny nose made it difficult to see and run. I had to stop a few times on the return section. I felt pretty good otherwise, so wish I had a way to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I think I might break out the visor again and see if that works this Spring. I used it last summer and liked it for the most part.

But during today’s podcast, I listened to another Jillian Michaels podcast from her 2008 talk show on WKFI. As usual, she takes calls from people and has a couple of developed segments. Two of her segments struck me as interesting this time. In one, she had a dog trainer on that was there to talk about exercising with dogs. Jillian brought her recent adopted dogs and how well they behaved with their trainer and how poorly they behaved with her. I found it very interesting that she was so unaware of her role in their behavior. Having see her episode on Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer, I think she probably has learned her lesson. Even still, as someone who clearly taps into human’s behavior and triggers, it really goes to show how even the best can miss the signals.

The second valuable segment for me was one on will power. She did not really talk about anything new or overly enlightening. But the thing that struck a cord in me was when she said something like “Envision what you want and start making steps toward it.” Ironically, last night I decided what it is I want to accomplish by this summer. As confident I am in my body and proud of my exercise routine, I am inwardly self-conscience of the little inner tube I have running around my waist. Since I starting listening to her podcasts, I feel it is possible for me to rid myself of this extra fat. So, my goal for the end of June (before our family trip) is to lose it. I am not sure if it will mean much weight loss, which I think will make it hard to measure, but mean I will be able to see the difference on my waist line. (My second goal is to continue to lower my Milford 5K time in August. I hope to be under 26 minutes.)


I turned Green today – JUST DO IT! April 15, 2010

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I have now completed 158 miles with my Nike+ and ipod Touch. That puts me into the Green Level… only 463 miles until I move onto Blue.

I ran the trails on the local park. It was a nice day and I managed to push the pace a little bit with a couple of surges. But after about 20 minutes, I started to feel a bit tired and empty.

Today’s listen was yet another Jillian Michaels radio show from a couple of years ago – they really are timeless. There was nothing specific about this podcast that I want to remember, but one thing occurred to me after. She talks a lot about BMR and calories in versus out, intensity of workouts and changing it up to keep the body working harder to adapt. Blah blah blah. What it really comes down to is just doing the work and making the change.

If you want to accomplish something, you have to start somewhere. And you keep going until you get there. If you give up before you have accomplished your goals, you have to evaluate how important those goals are to you. Lately, I have not had major goals to shot for from professional and personal levels. This has gotten me down a bit and level me with a lack to direction. Having recently recognized this, I am trying to figure out what I want and give me something to work toward.

We all WANT a lot of things and we NEED other things. The question is, after you have fulfilled your needs, how to do prioritize your wants and then lay them out in a way that you can be successful in accomplishing them. I think the problem many of us have is that there is no one way to achieve a goal. This is why I think you have to start moving toward the goal, if you don’t know what the step after that will be. Sometimes progress is progress and you can make adjustments along the way.

What do you think?

Rough Friday Run at 75 Degrees April 2, 2010

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As the graph shows, today’s run wasn’t the greatest. But despite pausing for a couple of short walks, I managed my now regular 9:38/mi pace. I did try a couple of surges and today I ran the trail, so the terrain was a little more challenging.

I am up to 63 workouts (though that includes the shortest of walks with the kids and dogs) and 140 miles on my Nike+ since late January. Fifteen more miles and my status turns GREEN online. The more remarkable number coming from the sensor is the calories. By next week, I might break into the 20,000 calories burned level.

Not much to report of the podcast front here. I listened to another @jillianmichaels throwback radio show. She was talking about fitness myths or theories that had changed in recent year. She also mentioned a couple of times how she feels quite conflicted working for NBC on the Biggest Loser because they are forced into promoting products and working with contestants differently that how she would do it normally. And she had several thoughts on boosting your metabolism that she is not allowed to implement during the show tapings. It seems odd that they would not allow the trainers to really present the things that work for them. It goes to show that the show is definitely commercial in a lot of ways.

Running with @JillianMichaels March 31, 2010

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Today’s run was okay one. I tried to start off light, but found myself pressing throughout and my time actually slowed a lot more than my perceived effort showed or felt.

Today, I listened to a couple things in my Audio Smart Playlist. But the primary listen was a 2005 weekend show from @JillianMichaels. She used to have a WKFI radio show on Sunday mornings. This is a California based station, but the podcasts were stored off and are currently still downloadable through podcasts… iTunes lists it as “Jillian Michaels Podcast”, but more recent episodes are from her “biggest fan.”

The older shows are pretty interesting though. She goes through lots of fitness, workout and nutrition issues and takes calls from people with good and transferable questions. As someone who is looking to get fit, but not necessarily lose weight, I am starting to realize I need to do a better job to monitoring my caloric intake. I may burn 500-600 calories on a run, but how much do I eat?

Last night, I actually looked up my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) at this site. I had been reluctant to do so because I do not like the BMI (Body Mass Index) standard and thought this would be similar. And probably, it really is… these standards do not take a lot of factors into account. My BMI is 24 which is on the high side of normal, but I am really at my ideal weight by many standards.

So, in looking up my BMR, I need to figure out how accurate this system is. @JillianMichaels repeated refers people to look up their info, so at least she considers this a good baseline. But since I have no idea how many calories I eat, I can not say yet. But the BMR calculator says my baseline is 1862.78. I will report back once I have a better sense the true calories, I am taking in.