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Movie Review: Gnomeo and Juliet March 21, 2011

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Netflix Synopsis: An edgy Shakespeare adaptation like no other, this animated musical transports the classic tale of forbidden romance between two star-crossed lovers from warring families to the unlikely yet hysterical world of garden gnomes. Featuring songs from legendary recording artist Elton John, this movie features the vocal talents of Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart and Michael Caine.

This was our little one’s first full feature length movie. At home he can not sit still for 10 minutes let alone for a 84 minute movie. So, we were a bit nervous about taking him to the big neighborhood theater. As it turns out, he was more than capable of quietly watch this fun, entertaining “little” movie. Of course, he did a little lap hopping, but he seemed to enjoy the little gnomes running around on the big screen.

The movie, set on Verona Road with two elderly neighbors whose adjourned houses have those wild yards you see on postcards. Every square foot of their backyards have ceramic and porcelain characters covering it. And when no one is watching, the gnomes come alive. And they battle, with paint balls and lawn tractors among other things. Blue vs Red.

The movie is full of humor and sure, most of the jokes went over the head of both our seven and three year old. But all the action kept them engaged. This film had a little for everyone. It was good for young and old. It wasn’t Earth shattering, but it was fun.


Education in the 21st Century March 10, 2011

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I want to be this inspired, inspirational and simply brilliant!

You can find this FREE effort everywhere. Start with the website, but there also iOS and Android apps. This is crazy brilliant.

A Weekend Alone October 10, 2008

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Tonight I dropped off the boys at G-ma and G-pa’s house. LBM is doing quite well with his new ear tubes – a little leakage, but that is a good thing – they are working. LLM is also healthy. It was certainly with mixed feelings that I dropped them off. I do realize I need the time to myself, but I also know I am going away for a whole week next weekend.

So, what I am going to do with myself? First, I have to drop-off Daisy for an extremely needed grooming appointment. Next, I think I am going to go for a bike ride. There is a local “Athletic Club” that gathers mostly for cycling and tomorrow they are doing a 34-mile ride. I am not quite in that kind of shape, but I might see if I can tag along for a little. Finally there is a lot of yard clean that I would love to get done. I have made so much progress this year, I am looking forward to continuing that.

…. watching the Micheal Moore movie called “Slacker Uprising”. It documents his tour of the country leading up to the 2004 Presidential Election. It is amazing to me how much buzz he was able to generate about all the misrepresentation Bush had made and yet Bush still won the election. I really don’t understand why Micheal Moore gets such a bad rap. He cares so deeply for this country and it’s people and our freedoms. It seems like he his keeping a quiet profile this year in hopes of not stirring up the Republican base. It seems to be working – see my next post.

Anyway, this movie is really about his efforts to get people to vote. The movie is not necessarily motivating at this stage, but for me it really illustrates an interesting point. Despite the effort he put in, the voter turnout was still VERY VERY low. I am hoping that this year’s election finally does show a CHANGE in that trend.

Being sick September 13, 2008

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After 35 years of experience, I have come to understand my own body and when I am not feeling 100%. How can you tell when your children are not well. Alec’s eyes are hurting and he is blinking frequently. Ian had a running nose and a nasty cough this week. On Friday I took them to the doctor and Ian has an ear infection and Alec seems to have nervous tick (or just very irriated eyes).

Treating Ian at 3 months with antibotics is concerning. I hate he is already on medicine… just like Alec was. If nothing else, I want them to be strong kids, but I am fearful that these medicine will weaken there immune system in the long run. There are so many bad things in the environment these days, how do you protect you kids? They are developing so fast and there bodies are vulernable that I feel like we need to watch everything that they encounter.

And now Alec has another running nose… it ALWAYS leads to another infection! We just can’t keep him healthy! What is going on?!!? We had a great, healthy summer, but now… not so much.