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Planet Money podcast April 19, 2014

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Let me introduce you to one of my favorite new podcasts. Planet Money is a NPR show that is a lot like Freakanomics. It covers topics that affect our lives day to day and gives some insights into some aspect pf your finances you might not think immediately about.

In this week’s episode,  they discuss the automotive industry and how we have to pay more for cars because manufacturers have to retool their vehicles to meet both American and European markets.

Planet Money #533

The funniest part of this one was when the VW engineer (inadvertently) called Americans dummies for not always wearing their seat belts.


Year of Giving April 16, 2010

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Another story from this morning’s NPR Technology podcast was this story. Reed Sandridge is a laid off director of a non-profit group. That is certainly a tough job to get in this economy. But he really lives his giving personality even while he looks for a new job. It is quite an inspiring story and I plan to check in with his blog here.

Original Sound of Covered Music April 16, 2010

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Listening to the NPR Technology podcast from this morning, I heard this story. Pomplamoose (pronounced just like it looks) is a male-female duo that produces both covered and original music. They recently have done Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s hit “Telephone and other popular songs like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Just listening to them on the radio, I really liked there sound – here they are in iTunes. And then watching a couple of videos on YouTube, I found they have a real fun laid back look. I recommend checking them out.

I think one of the things that I find most interesting is how they figured out how to buy the rights to do this and put together their music and videos all on there own. They make their living doing something they love and split no hairs that they do not need a big record label to oversee and change their vision.

The Rise of CSL (Chinese As A Second Language) March 5, 2009

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I heard two disturbing stories on NPR this week. I listen to several of their podcasts which combine stories of similar interest – like, Education, Technology and Economy. It really is a good way to catch up on important topics and interesting human interest stories. This group of stories was on the economy. The first one discussed how we have as much debt as we do gross national product. In other words, as a country we borrow for everything we have – if we produce $1,000 worth of products, we borrow as much from other countries.

And the second story goes to show who holds our debt. There is an organized program out of China where people come to the US to buy property. It is more affordable here than their homes in Shanghai. They buy them as investment properties or as future homes for their children.

The economy world wide has taken a turn for the worst in the last 6 months, but because we were already borrowing more than we could handle, Americans should expect that the result will be the lenders will be calling in that debt… I don’t want to go to far down this path, but I am feeling more and more like we need to start learning Chinese… and I stink at learning new languages!