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Filling up 32GB on an Apple Touch November 10, 2009

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So, I have had a few weeks with my new iPod Touch 32GB 3rd Generation…. and I have to say it is all I expected and more. It is very easy to use. Even the free-est of free apps are quite good. I have already managed to download 4 additional pages of apps, mostly games, and have enjoyed all but a few.

One thing the Touch has caused me to do is clean up my data. I have managed to find and remove numerous duplicate copies of music of my library. I have also consolidated all my contacts from my phone as well as my other mail progams into GMail with which the Touch syncs pretty seemlessly. Although the default contacts app is pretty lame. My next big project is to start utilizing Google Health so that I have access to our family’s health records any time, any place. Well, with the Touch it isn’t exactly that completely available – having only WiFi does have its major limitations. But you would be surprised at how many unlocked wireless connections are out there. Just this morning, I tweeted outside my son’s day care on someone’s wireless connection.

It would be very nice to have anytime/any place access, but I am still not ready to pay $40 bucks month to get it. Granted, I am als missing out on GPS apps that don’t work on a Touch, but since the OS does not allow 2 apps to run at once, I think that functionality would be disappointing anyway. The new Motorola Droid will probably do that thing kind of better once there are more diverse applications available for it.

So, my favorite uses so far? I haven’t quite figured out tweeter and I am not addicted to Facebook yet, but I guess that is the anti-social side of me. Those are two excellent uses for the Touch for sure. Like I said, I consolidated all my contacts, so I do like the fact that I can now carry around my whole address book, although I still need do some work to keep that in sync. And my biggest benefit all along has been to keep my podcasts in sync. It obviously works seemlessly with iTunes, which has every podcast under the sun (and any other podcast can be subscribed to also). And with the 32 GB, I have room for my entire 20 GB music library. I am starting to carry around pictures too. And then there are games. Sadly, my favorites are old classics, a brick breaker game, a toobz game, a real GTI is very cool, sudoku, maj jong, air hockey… like I said, I now have four screens to apps.

I have yet to pay for an app or a podcast, though. As much as I love the apps I have found, I would be very tormented if I spent money on something that ultimate is just a time waster. I would want to get my money’s worth, but I also would not want to waste time on this machine. It is certainly a fun, entertaining, useful tool and I am so lucky my wife loves me so much that she worked as hard as she did to win it for me. ‘Nuff said!


Easter Bunny Arrives April 12, 2009

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The Easter Bunny made Alec’s year by including the “best present ever” in his basket. So much so that Alec has started using Santa Claus and Easter Bunny interchangably to describe the gifter of this great present.

Alec's First Bakugon

Alec can barely let his first Bakugan out of his sight. It is a Zephyroz Dragonoid (yes, I did have to Google that!). He shows it off to anyone and everyone. We found out that it has 590Gs… whatever that means. Tank you Easter Bunny – balk, balk!

Ambidextrous Wii Play Sports February 17, 2009

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For Christmas and my birthday, my lovely wife gave me a Wii game system. I enjoy certain video games on a recreational level. I like the sports and car racing and physicality games. I am not a big fan of maze-type and shoot ’em games. So, this system has been fun or me. I play Tennis, Bowling, Wii Fit, some Baseball.
One thing I realized right away was that I was going to want to experience the games with both my right and left hands. I even set up a second “Mii” for the Left-Handed me. And so each time, I play, I try to play both right-handed and left handed. When I realized my left-handed bowling was actually better than my right, I decided I wanted to see if I can get to the “Pro” level on each game with each hand.
So far, I have reach Pro in Tennis, both hands. And I am in the mid-900s for both hands in Bowling. I am really struggling in Baseball lately. I haven’t won a right-handed game in a while (a few ties). My left-handed level in Baseball is around 300 (100 right handed). I don’t think I have tried Boxing Left Handed yet – not sure what the difference would be – but I am in the 600s on Boxing Right-Handed.

New Forerunner 4 Christmas December 29, 2008

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My other great gift I am grateful for this holiday season is a new Forerunner 305 GPS watch. I am very excited about this, what is an upgrade to my four year old Forerunner 201. I made great use of the 201, putting over 1,000 miles on it – many of which were training for my second marathon on May 2005.

However, this newer model has some awesome improvements and accessories that I plan to make use of. While it uses the same software, Garmin’s Training Center, these accessories should make that so much more useful.

First, the Heart Rate monitor will allow me to track and monitor that with the run. I had a separate monitor but having them incorporated should be very cool. Next, is the cycling cadence monitor. I have started biking more and I hope this will help me get into it even more.

But the accessory I am most excited about is the foot pod. The Training Center software does not have a place to add workouts not imported by GPS, so treadmill workouts have to be tracked separately – until now. I get many of workouts done on the treadmill, in front of my computer or TV while the kids are asleep – and it is too cold outside.

I have only taken it out of the box and charged it so far, but I look forward to making use of all the features and sharing my experiences here. Pictures to come!