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Shoe Review: Saucony Grid Ignition April 14, 2010

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I picked up these Saucony shoes from DSW Shoes. They retail for $65, but at DSW, you can get them for $50. I usually check the clearance racks, but did not find anything I liked in my size. But for the Ignition, I was able to get a size 11.5 that fit well. In past purchases of the Saucony, I have found they feel kind of hard. I think the Grid technology gives the shoes a solid strength, but while it makes it last, I feel like the hardness reverberates up my legs. Many years ago, Pre-Grid, I had my favorite Saucony shoe, the Procyon, that had a slipper like feel, but I was not able to put as many miles on them. It is a trade-off, I suppose.

So, these Grid Ignition are pretty good in between the two issues. The majority of my training with these shoes has been on the treadmill. With the weather turning nicer, I will likely take them outside a little more now. I am working on shifting my landing position further forward in my foot and so the Grid comes less into play. And with this shoe, the forefoot cushioning is comfortable and appropriate. I did find that doing any lateral movements made the shoe slide under my foot and risk turning my ankle. I do not think this will be a problem on uneven surfaces since in the forward movement, the shoe stays well under the foot. I will update here if I find otherwise.

Overall, I like this shoe and would get it again. The price is good and the quality is solid. And for my foot, which is fairly regular, I suppose, I am happy with the fit. I think this shoe will work for a large variety of foot planting/gait styles. Please comment here if you tried this shoe. Thanks for reading.


(Audio)Book Review: Born to Run By Christopher McDougall February 9, 2010

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The following is based on my review at Audible.com: I decided I had to write this review because I saw a review (at Audible) that an “avid runner” gave it 2-stars after listening for only 20 minutes. I know the exact point at which she stopped listening – it was talking about why running is supposed to be bad for humans.

If she would have kept listening she would have been treated to an enthralling tale about the greatest distance runners of all time. This book weaves what feels like a fictional story that details the fascinating progress of science and growth of running in America (and Mexico). The amazing part of the book is that it is about real people and real events.

I have to say this is a must listen to for anyone interested in running at any level. It covers the history of running shoes. It covers the transition the human body has made for running. Of course, it covers the best ultra distance runners of our time. It is such a good read!

And for anyone who has the question… the answer is: yes, running is actually very good for the human body, if you do it right. As simple as it is, there is still a right way and a wrong way to run. If you have any question or doubt, you have to read/listen to this book.

I have many books in my WishList at Audible and when a “one book” sale came up, I had to make the decision based on the best rated books in my list. Obviously, this one won, and there is good reason. I gave it five stars in my review and it is defintely the best book I have downloaded from the site so far.

Running Shoes Shelf Life October 20, 2006

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OK – next question…
I have read in magazines such as Runner’s World that running shoes have a certain shelf life and if you don’t wear them, the cushioning essentially goes “stale.” So, my question is this, if that is true, is it a bad idea to buy Clearance Rack shoes for the purposes of average training?