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Ambidextrous Wii Play Sports February 17, 2009

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For Christmas and my birthday, my lovely wife gave me a Wii game system. I enjoy certain video games on a recreational level. I like the sports and car racing and physicality games. I am not a big fan of maze-type and shoot ’em games. So, this system has been fun or me. I play Tennis, Bowling, Wii Fit, some Baseball.
One thing I realized right away was that I was going to want to experience the games with both my right and left hands. I even set up a second “Mii” for the Left-Handed me. And so each time, I play, I try to play both right-handed and left handed. When I realized my left-handed bowling was actually better than my right, I decided I wanted to see if I can get to the “Pro” level on each game with each hand.
So far, I have reach Pro in Tennis, both hands. And I am in the mid-900s for both hands in Bowling. I am really struggling in Baseball lately. I haven’t won a right-handed game in a while (a few ties). My left-handed level in Baseball is around 300 (100 right handed). I don’t think I have tried Boxing Left Handed yet – not sure what the difference would be – but I am in the 600s on Boxing Right-Handed.


Wii For Christmas December 26, 2008

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Holy Cow – I got a Wii for my Christmas/Birthday present!

We got to play it for the first time a little when we were visting the rest of the family in PA… we stayed in three houses in four nights and each house had one! (Although we only played it at two.)

I managed to hit 7 of 10 home runs in my first try. I also did decently in bowling against big sister, Lisa. I think we were only going to play a couple of games, but ended but playing at least 10… It is a fun system – definitely reminds me of Atari – which I always had to go to my friend’s house to play when I was a kid!

We have Sports and Play – I will have to see how they all work before we decide what else to get. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.