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Weekend Bike Riding July 21, 2009

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This weekend I took the training wheels AND pedals of Alec’s bike. For some reason he decided he was ready to try to ride without them. I read online that one method of developing this balance is to remove the pedals. This allows him to use his feet without worrying about if his feet should always be on the pedals or the ground. He did pretty well coasting down the slight decline of our street. Kim and I cheered him on the whole time so even though he feel over repeatedly, he definitely did not seem to feel like he was failing… which is our big problem with him sometimes.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I took Ian for a bike ride. It was his first time in the bike carrier for him (the one that sits on the back wheel – he and Alec have been on a couple of rides together in the trailer). He seemed to have fun – although he was mostly quiet for the first hour – he managed to stay awake the whole time. At this age, I think Alec always feel asleep after about thirty minutes. But then again, Ian sleeps a lot less than Alec.
Ian Bike Ride

We road down to the park and around one time. It was relatively nice day so there were plenty of people to watch for him. It was only about 70 degrees, so I was surprised to see so many people at the beaches. I guess they were just taking adavantage of the nice days we have having here this year.


Snow in April April 6, 2009

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This morning we woke up to a surprising 4-5 inches of snow. All the forecast had said was “snow”. I guess we all assumed it was snow flurries, but we got much more than that.

Snow In April

Loss of Focus February 25, 2009

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I have lost my focus. I have all these thoughts and interests and tasks running through my head. And here I sit, browsing through random WordPress blogs. I see lots of good sites and entries about lots of things I am interested in…. photography, their dogs, their kids, religion (or lack thereof), politics, etc, etc.

And here I sit – days since my last blog entry – still with nothing to say.
I wonder if it is winter blues. I haven’t felt “blueish”. I even had Strep Throat and feel like it didn’t get me that down. I have enjoyed all the snow – but from the inside mostly, due to trying to keep the little warm, dry and healthy. But boy, has this season been cold. We had a couple of warm days a few weeks ago and the forecast has more in sight, but it was 3 degrees yesterday morning. The swing is big though since it is getting into the 40s today.

My back has been bothering me lately – namely the past couple of days. I think it is mostly from the fact that I had a good run of working out last month, but haven’t done anything of significant for the last 2 weeks. The back and hamstrings have gotten super tight. I can say that I managed to do a little Wii Fit two nights ago and got on the treadmill for 20 minutes or so last night. Hopefully I can keep doing one or the other for the next couple of nights.

So, how do I get the focus back? Over the years, I have relinquished the riens to my wife to plan trips and schedules and such. But at this point there are starting to be things I want to get done that I am letting myself not do. I think I need to put together a plan and get to it. I am good with lists and followed my 16-week workout plan to finish my second marathon within 3% of my goal. (And marathon #3 is going to be within this plan.)

So, here it is – day 1 – put together the list of things I want to focus on and if possible dates. I think I will replace my List of Lists page with the “The Plan.”

Man, It’s Cold! January 29, 2009

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From the local paper, January is on its way to being among the top 10 coldest in the region’s recorded climate history. The average temperature this month has been 17.1 degrees Fahrenheit, 7.3 degrees below the normal average of 24.4.

View from our front door - Jan 15th, 2009

View from our front door - Jan 15th, 2009

On the snow side, Wednesday’s 2.6 inches of new snow brings Oakland County’s total to 69.4 inches for the season. Last year at this time, the county had 50 inches of snow. Last winter, the total snowfall amount was 91.7 inches.

If I extrapolate properly, that means, we could have 40 more inches of snow yet to come in February and March? Wait for my future post, “Man, It’s Snowy!”