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What Motivates Us At Work? April 11, 2013

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The answer is simpler than you might think… acknowledgement!


What to do? October 7, 2008

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After catching up on TED Talks wonder how you get to be that much of a contributor. Having switched jobs from one that was fast paced, required moving and travel and the like, to one that was less intense, I kind of knew this would happen. I have switched my personal focus away from work toward family and the true life (of life-work balance). Before, I was always busy doing. I know that there was so much I was missing – there was always something to do and I didn’t necessary grow that way either. But now I really have to work to progress. There are still so many things on my to do list, but less at work and more at home… I suppose that only make sense.

But I guess my point is that sometimes it feels like that we are so busy surviving and keeping up with the lists that we aren’t contributing. Watching people on TED really makes one wonder what else we could be contributing. But then I also wonder what affect these people’s talks really have. How many people have heard of XDR-TB? Or how “important” is architecture and art? What benefit are video games helping our world?

Maybe that is the point, to individuals, some of these things are important. We each have to find our own cause. The problem I have is that there seems to be so much suffering in the world that the potential causes to support are endless. Here are some of the things that are important to me:
Ending War, homelessness, hunger, disease, bad politics….

But “life gets in the way.” going to work, taking care of sick kids, enjoying quiet time with the family, taking care of the house, keep myself healthy. They aren’t chores – they are life. I need to figure out a plan or at least a way to plan these things into each day. When I look around, I feel I have so much and I feel conflicted that I am trying to fit more in. How can that be?

Always looking for more… September 15, 2008

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Is it living in America or just me or what… but are we always looking for something else? I just spent 30 minutes updating our Netflix queue. We have over 60 movies in the list and yet I continue to look at more of the movies coming out or already out.

When I go outside to work on our yard… and there is a lot of work to be done… I always see something else to be done. When I go to work, I continually see more things to be done. And I am always able to find something else to do. The lists always get longer… and here I am writting on a blog that no one else is reading, watching TV that adds no real value to me. What is the point? What am I avoiding….?

I could be improving myself by working out or by reading. But I am not… why?