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Update on Allergies and Zyrtec May 26, 2009

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After I posted my messagea bout Zyrtec, my allergies got “worser and worser” (as Alec would say). Since we did not make it to the store to get a different bottle of allergy medicine, I just went back to using the same bottle. Fortunately, I had not adverse affects. I think being off it for a couple of days made it harder to catch up on attacking the allergies – or however this medicine really works. But it definitely helps me.

Then the other day, Kim mentioned it to the pharmacist in town and he concurred that Zyrtec can definitely cause those side affects. Despite the fact that we could not find anything on the web about it, it has been reported quite a bit. He also mentioned the Claritin is useless, which I could have told you!

Last week, I also came across this cool website. I often use AccuWeather.com to get the weather forecast. But recently a more important forecast was the pollen count. I came across Pollen.com and it graphs out what is expected in our area for the highest allergies. It has been helpful to suggest which days to stay inside a little more or which days it should be ok to head out without getting pounded with itchy eyes, running nose and tight chest – those are my big symptoms.

Thanks in part to a couple of days of thunderstorms, this week should be good one. And I think based on the 4-day forecast and the 30-day history that is available, it is clear that we are finally, as May closes out, on the waning end of my suffering!


Sick Puppy May 18, 2009

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Our baby Trevor went to the vet early this morning with a very tender belly. He managed to get into the trash on Friday night and swallowed a chicken bone. So, I thought perhaps that had gotten lodge on the way through him. But the x-rays showed no sign of the bone but they did show a completely full stomach and bowels.

Trevor Jan2009

Subsequent blood work showed that he his liver enzinmes were way too high. This too could be related to the body trying to digest a foreign body, but is definitely a something to be concerned about. (He has had higher than “normal” levels, but these were out of the ballpark.)

He managed pass some stool mid morning after receiving an enema. However, his mood and demeanor went downhill after this instead of improving. The doctors were a bit worried so they ordered an ultrasound to see what the x-rays would not show. And what they found was something on or around his liver. Now we are in the wait and see mode until they can do a laproscopic biopsy tomorrow. Poor baby!

Searching for the Flu 2009 February 11, 2009

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I have noticed that I am getting hit after hit of people searching for Flu 2009. We had an early pair of cases in our house in early January. Both Alec and Kimmie suffered the same symtoms at exactly the same time nearly 2000 miles apart. And I am still hearing about some people at work getting sick.

I am curious though about the searchers. What are you looking for? What information do you expect to find in this search? The web is such a cool place where people can exchange stories and thoughts and I am hoping to hear from people who come across this post. Thanks!

Flu 2009 January 12, 2009

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If you are reading this post, can you post a comment letting me how and why you came across this entry? I am very curious! Please!

So, Kim came down the flu last night/this morning. She woke up in the middle of the night – just sick to her stomach. Yuck – I will have to keep myself and Ian away until she gets through it. Fortunately, Alec is in Florida with his grandparents… but he woke up at exactly the same time with the same thing. Yuck again! Although he doesn’t get it yet, it would suck to fly all the way to Florida only to be sick on your first day.

Apparently he was feeling better as the day went on and they we able to spend a little time outside. No chance of that here this week. The temperatures are looking to be in the single digits the majority of the week. With the wind chill, that means we will be seeing a couple of periods of -30 degrees! Yikes!

Ian got Tubes! December 9, 2008

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I am not sure how I miss this post, but it being the Christmas season, I missed a few weeks of posting. So, I am “back posting” this picture and story.

Ian waits for the doctor - happy as can be!

Ian waits for the doctor - happy as can be!

Ian got his first set of ear tubes today. I say “first set” since two months ago his big brother got his second set.) He was a trooper. The hardest part for a child this age is that they can not eat before the surgery. Fortunately, they schedule the youngest first, so he was done before 8am. I watched the clock out of curiousity and it took 14 minutes from the time the doctor/surgeon carried him into the back to the time she came out and told us he was done.

When we got back to the recovery area, he was balling his eyes out, but once I got him a 6oz bottle he quieted down… until he finished it and wanted more!

Tubes in the Ears October 9, 2008

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Well, today the little big man got a new set of tubes. He had already had 3 ear infections in the last few months and was suffering quite a bit. On Tuesday even, we had to lean into his hear like we were going to whisper, but talk in a normal voice, for him to hear us.

Alec Prepared for Surgery - watching Scooby Doo

Alec Prepared for Surgery - watching Scooby Doo

Hopefully this will slow down the amount of infections over the course of the winter. Of course since little little man has already gotten one ear infected at 4 months, there is a good possibility that we will be going through this again. lbm had more than one a month from January June before he got them inserted the first time. It is a simple procedure, but having anyone under anesthesia can be a little unnerving.

Being sick September 13, 2008

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After 35 years of experience, I have come to understand my own body and when I am not feeling 100%. How can you tell when your children are not well. Alec’s eyes are hurting and he is blinking frequently. Ian had a running nose and a nasty cough this week. On Friday I took them to the doctor and Ian has an ear infection and Alec seems to have nervous tick (or just very irriated eyes).

Treating Ian at 3 months with antibotics is concerning. I hate he is already on medicine… just like Alec was. If nothing else, I want them to be strong kids, but I am fearful that these medicine will weaken there immune system in the long run. There are so many bad things in the environment these days, how do you protect you kids? They are developing so fast and there bodies are vulernable that I feel like we need to watch everything that they encounter.

And now Alec has another running nose… it ALWAYS leads to another infection! We just can’t keep him healthy! What is going on?!!? We had a great, healthy summer, but now… not so much.